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I haven't updated this thing in ages!

Alot has happened since my last entry. I went into the market to get supplies (and a secret present for Riku hehe <3) and clumsiness struck.

I tripped over this guys foot and landed straight on my face, he didn't seem angry with me either. He said his name is Axel, just as we got talking this blond haired lady charges up to us and fires all these questions. Her name is Larxene, she's pretty cool once you get used to all the questions.

The thing I noticed about these two were those darn black coats (seriously what is up with these coats?!) I haven't had chance to ask about them yet but I'll try to when I get get a word in edge-ways.

Larxene and Axel mentioned a thing called "the world that never was" or something like that, I still have no idea what that meant, maybe I should ask Riku he seems to know what these things are.

Speaking of which I haven't seen Hayner or Riku in years, I wonder how they're both doing I think I'll go see them later on and show them what I bought at the market.
I'm going to market town later to buy some things for the journey to save Kairi and Namine.

That's all I have to report at the moment apart from that I'm cool. :)

((OOC will update after the RP with Larxene and whoever else joins ^^))
I've recovered from that nasty cold and now I'm ready for anything.

I had a weird dream (when do I ever have normal dreams...?) but seriously I dreamt that Roxas had returned to Twilight town in a space ship thing like those people Riku met!

Riku, Hayner we need a plan now to rescue our friends ok?

((OOC: sorry I had to rush this entry as I have a job interview but I am aware that it's been a week since I posted last @_@))
I've been so ill the past couple of days, I haven't been able to work because of it. (grr)

I think Hayner and Riku came to see me a couple of days ago but my aunt wouldn't let them in T_T

Hayner, Riku you'll have to update me with news and stuff ok?
Yay pay day and I got quite a lot of munny!

This should hopefully be enough to get moving soon. I wonder how much Hayner got paid..?

Riku seemed a bit off today I wonder what was up with him??

Anyway hopefully we can ge moving soon and go save Kairi and Namine!

Damn my feet hurt from delivering stupid letters!

Hayner was a meanie to me all day, he said that I was loser and then sang that stupid Riku song he made up again.

I'm a loser then that makes Hayner a super duper loser, I wasn't the one walking around with black eyes! (HA!)

Riku is working at a junk yard, he looks so cool squashing down the junk but he always smells funny... (He's still super cool though!!!)

Oh well Hayner gets stunk out not me! Tee Hee

I hope pay day is soon! I want to get moving soon! X_x
I went to Hayners house and we all had our talk.

Hayner and I told Riku about Namine and Kairi. Riku seemed so show some concern about them both which made me feel a little worse about how they're doing.

We asked about the "Organization" but Riku seemed to hold back things on it (maybe I'm just imagining things...)There's probably a good reason to why he did so it's stupid to press him on it.

Riku then went on to say that he was going to go and look for Namine and Kairi,(He seems genuinely concerned for them). I told Riku that he HAD to let Hayner and I come too (It's my fault they're gone...)

Riku kept saying "no way It's to dangerous" so I latched onto his leg and wouldn't let go. I gave him the puppy dog look and the fake girlie tears. That worked a charm! hee hee Riku gave
in and agreed to let us come.

The main concern for now in munny. Riku has made it clear that he can't afford to pay for us, he's spent most of it already. Hayner suggested we all get jobs to earn munny to help pay for the supplies and stuff.

I haven't worked a day in my life! Still I want to go and I'm willing to do what I can to save my friends.
I had a decent sleep last night, I slept like a log.

I'm going to Hayner's house now, we all need to talk about the current situation.

I've had a couple of thoughts recently, who the heck are this "organisation" and why does Riku know about them.

Why Kairi and Namine?

Things aren't making sense....argh!!
Hayner and Riku took of at the speed of light earlier on I think they wanted to have "Boy talk"

Whatever...I'll go home and find something to do on my own, I'm not sulking about them taking off without me.

I don't really know what's going on tomorrow. I think that we'll try and talk about the kidnapping again, hopefully Hayner won't be such a dork and make a scene.

Kairi I'm really getting worried about you and Namine, I'm scared that you will never come back.

Riku, Hayner we need to hurry if we're going to find Kairi and Namine!
Sorry if this is not allowed, I didn't want to spam the Kh_rebirth board with yet another absence notice. I will delete this at the weekend I promise. Kairi if I don't delete it you have full permission to smack me round the head with one of my revision books ok? :P

My exam for my Child Care Diploma is tomorrow so I won't be posting for a couple of days. The laptop is working as you can see so I have no excuse not to post properly at the weekend.

After the weekend I should be more active than ever seeing as college will be finished for good. I've done my two years and now I have freedom :P

So expect to hopefully see more of me :P

Wish me luck for tomorrow because I'm weeing myself about the stupid thing XD